Web Summit 2018, ecco le 30 le startup italiane del programma Alpha

Web Summit 2018, ecco le 30 le startup italiane del programma Alpha

Manca ormai poco all’inizio del Web Summit 2018 che si terrà a Lisbona dal 5 all’8 novembre. L’evento, considerato ormai come il più grande summit di startup e tecnologia a livello mondiale rappresenta un trampolino di lancio unico per presentare le proprie idee di business a una platea sconfinata di professionisti e investitori. Basta pensare che inquesta edizione sono oltre 2700 i giornalisti accreditati da tutto il mondo per coprire l’evento.

ALPHA is our programme for early-stage startups, typically in the software or connected hardware spaces. If you’re selected for ALPHA, you’ll also get three tickets, along with the opportunity to access Investor Office Hours and Mentor Hours, Startup University, startup workshops and much more…

All’interno dell’evento, è da segnalare il programma Alpha che raccoglie le startup più promettenti del momento e che quest’anno comprende anche 30 giovani aziende italiane. Sono il fiore all’occhiello della nostra economia futura. Startup di cui andare fieri perché rappresentano nel mondo quanto di meglio il nostro Paese è in grado di esprimere. A loro, un grandissimo: In bocca al lupo!

Le startup made in Italy del programma Alpha al Web Summit 2018

  1. Abinsula: The mission of Abinsula is to enable the digital transformation of automotive industries in order to support new features and standards.
  2. Albicchiere: Albicchiere is a Smart Dispenser which enables to drink a single glass of your preferred wine at the perfect temperature, whenever you want.
  3. Apical: Self-service booking platform designed to sell complex travel experiences and big events and to maximise their social impact on destinations
  4. AR Market SRL: Augmented reality applied to business. Join the revolution of marketing, productivity, and customer retention!
  5. Artknit Studios: The digital platform dedicated to luxury and made-to-measure knitwear directly created by world-class artisans with no reail mark-ups.
  6. Babette. world: Babette.world: the food sharing platform. Multi-local communities for homemade food / raw materials. From Italy to Europe with human touch.
  7. Athtlos: Athlos develops Artificial Intelligence technologies based on natural language.
  8. Beach Scanner: Beach Scanner is an Italian sea travel search engine that allows you to compare all Italian beaches on a single website
  9. CiaoOK: CiaoOK brings communities closer by providing a peer-to-peer platform to solve wide-ranging rental, service, and social challenges together.
  10. Deed: The unique smart-bridge to gain new experiences for authentication, payment and voice assistant
  11. E.L. Easy Life UK ltd: famil.care is the ultimate complete system that helps families take care of elderly and kids in their daily life and in case of emergency.
  12. Eattle: Eattle is a social dining platform. AirBnB for restaurants. Through Eattle you can find a home restaurant near you and have a home made food
  13. FinanceBox: Finance Artificial Intelligence Platform that wіll allow to buіld saving рlаn,forecast and сrеаtе a rеаlіѕtіс financial deicisons scenarios
  14. Flexipass Keyless Mobile Access: FLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile Access is the world’s fastest and easiest way for guests to access their room.
  15. Fluexy: Fluexy is a worldwide learning Network and Community. A marketplace that connects teachers & students using streaming, games & social media.
  16. FlyTrendy: Revolutionary Influencer Marketing Platform that enables Brands to increase their ROI and helps Micro-Influencers to finally get paid !
  17. Footurelab: Futurelab is a company made up of football’s professionals: data, videos and statistics for clubs, players, operators and media.
  18. MorphCast Face Recognition: We connect media, consumers and brands through interactive video, machine learning, face recognition with emotion + gender + age analysis.
  19. NUWA Technologies Srl: Innovative tech solutions and cloud services for Music Industry in order to become the reference point for anyone who lives on music
  20. PREDIXIT: We build individual online shopping experiences and on-site marketing campaign managed by A.I. and machine learning algorithms!
  21. QUERY: The Customer Care Network to get support from your favorite brands, all in one place!
  22. Restylit.com: The Revolutionary Italian Interior Design Company Closing The Gap Between Online And Offline
  23. Saaly: Saally is the AI driven virtual consultant helping local businesses find new customers by using their Facebook page
  24. Shakejob: Shakejob is the tool to help the matching between who’s hiring and who’s looking for a job in the Horeca industry.
  25. ShareMybag: ShareMyBag is the first peer to peer sharing economy platform for fashion. An international community of fashion lovers around the world!
  26. Snowit: Snowit revolutionises mountain tourism by aggregating in one marketplace the booking of lift ticket, equipment rental and other experiences
  27. Social Thingum: Social Thingum develops innovative ICT technologies and algorithms to connect people and objects through Smart Social Networks.
  28. Virtuoso: Virtuoso incentivize and rewards you for living a healthy lifestyle.
  29. VUIX: Design. Test. Deploy. In one visual, space. The easy-to-use interface ease prototyping voice apps for Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.
  30. Whazzo:  We are the solution to the evergreen problem of traveling, what am I going to do there? And the solution for businesses to the question what.


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